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Relax, You’ve found us! The SEO Marketing Company can help your business or organization reach new prospects and customers with innovative online and internet marketing solutions.

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How many customers and how much revenue are you missing out on because your website is not properly optimized for seo?

No worries! The SEO Marketing Company was founded to help businesses and organizations like yours. We are a group of dedicated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) experts and consultants who are passionate about bringing seo consulting, search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies to your website.

The Seo Marketing Company has a simple process.  We work with web developers and traditional advertising and marketing firms to enhance seo content and coding in the site build out or in most cases taking existing websites that don’t rank well and executing seo marketing strategies through rewriting web site content, code and linking architecture to better rank for seo (search engine optimization).
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Search Engine Marketing | Pay Per Click PPC Management Agency

Whereas SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on organic or natural search results, PPC (Pay Per Click) is a process where major search engine providers offer paid search or sponsored listings on a search engine results page. See diagram below:


The Seo Marketing Company is a Google Adwords Certified Partner. We are a results oriented search engine marketing and ppc management agency. Many companies can run search marketing and ppc accounts; however the majority of search campaigns don’t run full throttle for a number of reasons.

Our integrated approach takes advantage of best search engine marketing practices like:

  • keyword research and targeting
  • writing compelling ad text with call to action phrases
  • tightly themed ad groups to increase click through rates and quality scores
  • multivariate testing
  • conversion optimization
  • website optimizer and relevant landing pages
  • ecommerce and conversion tracking
  • integration with google analytics for intelligence gathering and campaign tracking

Would you like a couple of free recommendations to improve your search engine marketing results?
Give us 10 minutes in your Google Adwords account and we’ll make some recommendations that will improve your search campaign performance.
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Google Analytics Support

Need help with Google Analytics?

The Seo Marketing Company provides support for companies that need assistance with setting up Google Analytics or more technical expertise with ongoing management and complex support for web site configurations that are in need of tracking across sub domains, multiple domains or 3rd party e commerce shopping cart sites.



Did you know that Google Analytics can be used to track traditional media such as TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print and Direct Mail?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking online behavior and internet marketing campaigns; however it can be just as powerful in tracking traditional media and consumer engagement across a fully integrated cross channel marketing or advertising campaign.

Local Seo

Local search plays a significant role in today’s search engine placements. Google, Yahoo and Bing recognize ip address locations and factor those locations in providing the most accurate and optimized content in their search results. Also, the advent of mobile and tablet devices with built in gps technologies bring geography and location into play in a big way.

Social Media, User submitted content and reviews as well as many evolving web and content properties can influence local search engine ranking positions. While Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local are critical places to have profiles for search visibility, there are hundreds and hundreds of business directories where local businesses should claim, create and maintain consistent business information and profiles across these directory listings.

The Seo Marketing Company can assist your business and organization with optimizing your content and making sure you keep a consistent profile across the many directories that exist. In essence this will lead to greater search engine visibility for your business or organization.

Take a look at the example below in a search for “columbia florists“….(You can click on image to enlarge)


Notice the ranking results. The Blossom Shop is currently optimized for “columbia florists”; however google’s algorithm takes into consideration:

  • The Google Places Page integrated with geo location on Google Maps
  • The 12 User Submitted Reviews on Google Places
  • reviews – reviews – and review

The Blossom Shop is here now; however it would behoove them to continue creating a social media marketing strategy and encouraging their customers to continue to post reviews on their business (Of course positive reviews). Another local florist could overtake this position with a well defined seo marketing strategy and execution.

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