Google makes advances to Display Ad Builder for Search Engine Marketing

December 18, 2010 10:36 am | POSTED BY the-google-guy

Google has made significant advances for the Display Ad Builder for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Professionals. Google has an ad display tool that allows you to build online display ads in minutes for free.

This display ad tool allows individuals or search engine marketing (sem) companies the ability to customize templates and reduce creative costs that can easily run thousands of dollars. Click on the link below for the entire article

Significant advances for Display Ad Builder

Friday, December 17, 2010 | 9:41 AM

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On the Google Display Network, we’ve been working hard to make display advertising accessible to everyone, no matter what your size or budget. In 2008, we launched Display Ad Builder to help you design display ads in minutes for free. Now, 100 new advertisers try Display Ad Builder every day.

Today we are announcing a number of improvements to Display Ad Builder to help you achieve all your marketing goals, from driving conversions to building your brand.

Quickly manage hundreds of ads with bulk copying and editing
With the newest version of AdWords Editor, you can now copy your Display Ad Builder ads across campaigns and make basic bulk edits, including ad names, destination and display URLs, and ad statuses. With AdWords Editor you can quickly create customized creatives for each ad group. For example, you could create an ad for marathon training tips and customize the creative to mention the Chicago marathon for users in Chicago and the Philly marathon for Philadelphia.

Google Display Ad Builder Running Image

Sample Display Ad Builder ad copied using AdWords Editor and then customized based on user location.

If you’re already using AdWords Editor, you’ll be prompted to upgrade automatically. Just follow the instructions to keep your unposted changes. If you’re not using AdWords Editor, visit our website to learn more and download it.

Drive engagement with social and expandable templates
Display Ad Builder also can help build your brand and engage users with our new social and expandable templates. We are testing social templates, which include the latest tweets from your Twitter account in the creative. Social templates are really useful if you want to run timely promotions that change daily. You can run a new tweet, instead of creating an entirely new creative. Social templates can also help you build your Twitter follower base.

Google Display Ad Builder Twitter Image

An ad created using one of Display Ad Builder’s social templates.

We’ve also released expandable templates, which encourage more interaction from interested users by increasing your ad’s real estate on the page. When a user clicks on your expandable ad, it expands to twice its width or height, depending on the format.

Create the perfect ad by customizing your templates
We’re also launching template customization to give you greater flexibility to create the ad you want. You can now move text boxes and images where you want within the template. Also, text boxes can be resized, so you can include more content. Combine these new features, with 180 templates, nearly 100 fonts, and unlimited color options to chose from.

Google Display Ad Builder Customize Ad Tool

Now you can move around text boxes and pictures and re-size text boxes to customize templates to fit your needs.

Never tried Display Ad Builder? Try our free demo to see how it works. To start creating your ads, go to your ‘Ads’ tab in a new or existing campaign in your AdWords account. Then, click ‘New Ad’ and select ‘Display Ad Builder.’

Posted by Nathania Lozada, Inside AdWords crew
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