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February 15, 2011 3:51 pm | POSTED BY the-google-guy

Google Remarketing is a fairly new internet marketing strategy that Google has been offering through their Adwords platform for less than a year now. Remarketing is not a new concept as this ad serving technology has been around for years and offered on other ad serving networks.  Personally speaking, I’ve implemented this strategy for various clients through Yahoo and the Right Media exchange network, which they refer to as Behaviorial Targeting.

What makes Google’s offering unique is that there is a low cost of entry and this technology is now available to internet marketers and advertising companies through the Adwords platform and opens the door to offer remarketing or behaviorial advertising opportunities to prospects browsing the Google Display Network.  Yahoo and other major ad serving networks required a minimum of $20,000 per month which could be considered a hefty budget for some small businesses.

The concept is pretty simple.

Lets use a resort destination as an example. The resort destination is running display ads or text ads on the Adwords platform. A prospect or user searching for a destination trip clicks on an ad and visits the destination website.  A cookie is placed on this users browser. The user spends some time on the site and then exits.

Enabling remarketing will then allow this destination to serve ads to this user when they are viewing content on other sites that are affiliated with the Google  Content Network.  Because this visitor has already visited your website they are classified as a more qualified prospect to purchase a destination package at your resort. You are building more awareness with these potential prospects and have the opportunity to present another offer or discounted offers to entice them back to your website and booking engine leading to purchases and revenue.

Another great use is for ecommerce sites where potential purchasers abandoned a shopping cart. Remarketing allows the business entity to continue marketing to a select and highly targeted audience that has the potential with the right offer or discount to come back to the site and finalize the purchase.

If you would like to learn more about Google Remarketing, you can feel free to contact me or by visiting Google Getting Started with Remarketing Link Here.

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