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How a Google Search Works

January 23, 2015 5:14 pm | POSTED BY tonymizzell33 | 0 comments

I must admit that this isn’t my original content; however I came across a neat pictorial from SEOBOOK which visualy illustrates how google treats a search query.

Also below the illustration, please find a google seo video by Matt Cutts on How does a Google Search Work….brought to you from the Seo Marketing Company blog page:

google seo




Online Marketing for Small Businesses with Google

March 6, 2011 7:02 pm | POSTED BY the-google-guy | 0 comments

Google’s Small Business Blog has created a newsletter called CLICK, which will offer insights and strategies to assist small businesses with getting the most value out of their online  and internet marketing efforts.

Click’s first monthly feature summarizes how small businesses can use location, social networking and google analytics to get a leg up on the competition.

  • One out of 5 local searches involve location, therefore small businesses need to take advantage of  local business listings and directories such as Google Places.
  • Satisfied Customers can be your best promoters and small businesses should take advantage of free social media and networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their loyal customers and utilize those customers to help spread the positive word about your business.
  • Use Google Analytics to better understand your customers and prospects be reviewing website data on what search terms users queried to find your site, what pages do users view the longest and the least as well as what page are users exiting your site. This knowledge can help you make better business decisions about what content is important and what keywords you should focus on to continue optimizing your site and improving user experience so that you can fine tune your online and internet marketing efforts.

Writing Better Headlines

Good headlines help grab attention. You don’t have to be a savvy copywriter to come up with better headlines. Test and optimize to see if you can improve your click through rates.
For example “Joe’s Gourmet Pizza” is descriptive; however try something like “Columbia’s Melt In Your Mouth Brick Oven Pizza” will help differentiate your ad and bring attention to your customers and prospects.

Life Saving Information Services

Learn how emergency service providers are using google and other technologies to communicate in disasters and humanitarian crises, like the recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Haiti.  Away from Google, I remember during the Haiti disasters where Twitter was used as a primary communication tool because of the real time dialogue and rapidness of communicating via 140 characters.

Please feel free to read the entire article by clicking here:

Seo Marketing source code housekeeping tips for non profits

December 21, 2010 5:37 pm | POSTED BY the-google-guy | 0 comments

Google has posted a blog article on seo marketing source code housekeeping tips for non profits. While the post is aimed at non profit organizations, these tips can be utilized for any business or organization who wants to improve seo marketing tactics and strategies to rank better in google or other major search engines. To view the entire article click on the link below

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