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The Seo Marketing Company based in Columbia, SC is a full service Internet Marketing and Pay Per Click PPC Advertising Agency

Pay Per Click PPC Advertising is an internet advertising model where advertisers pay when their ad is clicked. While this method of online advertising is often referred to as pay per click there are also options where advertisers can pay on a cost per impression basis.

The Seo Marketing Company manages pay per click advertising programs for companies across Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft’s AdCenter internet advertising platforms.

This form of internet marketing is a quick way to promote your website or product and service offerings. PPC advertising can be extremely economical and it is highly measurable via integrating with Google Analytics or other web tracking platforms.

PPC advertising ads can be displayed in sponsored advertising positions on a search engine query result or can be displayed across various content and advertising networks in the form of text, display, rich media or video ads.

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